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JZN Creative Engineering and Design was formed in 2019 by Jason Hoff who is the Owner and Engineer. He graduated in 2013 from the University of North Texas with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He worked hard with a small number of students to build the schools first Formula SAE race car and helped compete in the national competition. This is where he began to develop his design skills and started working with 3D modeling software. 

After Jason graduated he began working for a small company in Denton Texas where he was quickly introduced to a number of CNC machines and manufacturing. He continued to develop his design skills using SolidWorks in conjunction with the CAM software and machines. Jason has worked on designing many simple parts and has help develop many complex assemblies including a prototype truck and a cab for a decommissioned military vehicle. 

Patriot Truck.jpg

Creating Attractive and Quality Engineering Solutions

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