We've been working with CNC lasers and press brakes since 2013. The combination of these machines along with our background in 3D design and CAM software gives us the ability to create almost anything. This experience can also help solve any problems you may encounter. We're willing to come up with a custom solution to service your needs. 

We can design and produce high quality sheetmetal parts in prototype or production quantities. We typically work with steel, aluminum and stainless steel alloys. 

If you need help with machine operation or set up we can get you started and provide training. We are familiar with most CNC Press Brakes and Mitsubishi and Trumpf Lasers. We'll make sure your machines are running properly and can help figure out what parts and tooling you'll need. 

Figuring out how to set up and process parts consistently and efficiently can be an arduous task. For laser processing we can help write programs and nests that enable you to start a sheet and walk away with confidence knowing the parts will be perfect when you return. For press brake operations we're capable setting up a program to simplify the process and increase production. We can also modify parts and assemblies in order to make press brake operations faster and more safe. 

If there is a special project outside of what a machine is typically capable of we can work with you to set up fixtures, stops or modify what is necessary to achieve something that seems out of reach. Let us know how we can help your business become more profitable and successful. 

Creating Attractive and Quality Engineering Solutions

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