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JZN Creative Engineering and Design has experience in producing designs that complement manufacturing. Many companies separate design from manufacturing which can lead to products that are difficult to make and costly. We have experience doing both which allows us to design for manufacturing. We can use readily available materials, off the shelf parts and efficient designs to make sure your products are easy to produce and low cost. 

We have experience with CNC machined parts, welded assemblies, 3D printed parts and laser quality sheet metal parts. Most of our background comes from utilizing sheet metal in combination with highly accurate laser cutters and press brakes to make fabrication precise and cost effective.

Production projects should be efficient and repeatable. We can design fixtures for machines, welding, and assemblies. Being able to constrain parts and assemblies is crucial to reduce time and variation. 

We'll use a 3D model of your parts or assemblies and design something to make working on them faster and easier. Having to constantly measure or check if something is square is a waste of time and trying to modify or fix incorrect parts can be eliminated all together. 

Our fixtures and jigs are made from precision made CNC parts and can include high quality laser cut sheet metal in order to keep costs reasonable. We can handle anything from simple parts to complex assemblies.

We have access to powerful 3D modeling software and highly accurate CNC machines. Our experience along with these effective tools is what enables us to meet your needs.


Contact us today to discuss how we can design and manufacture parts or simplify your work.

Creating Attractive and Quality Engineering Solutions

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